• Increase productivity and reduce manufacturing cost.
  • No vibrations, allow precision machining at high speed.
  • Stronger mechanically design, max bar diameter up to 105mm.
  • Servo feeding system, permit accurate positioning bar without turret stopper.
  • Adjusting free when bar diameter changes.
  • External LED display, easily monitor feeding and alarm situation.

    This combination does not exist.



    A standard LED-flashing-stripe-display unit, which functions bar length, bar material change, alarm display while feeding/machining being easy to monitor ( patented).

    An optical sensor top-cut system features speedy and accurately.

    A HMI system with touch screen as user-friendly.

    Quickly pusher change-over.

    Magazine capacity max size up to 105mm bar x 5 pcs. Movable rail with X axis or Z axis device as optional allowing an easy job on spindle maintenance / service.

    A PLC control features stable software applications interfacing with various CNC lathe source.


    Model BK105,BK105L  
    Bar Length
    1100mm ,1600mm,depends on entire spindle length.
    Machine Weight
    600KG , 700KG
    Bar Diameter
    Bar Capacity
    105mm / 5 pcs
    Power Supply