• Speedy and accurate for processing workpieces .
  • A fast and accurate servo feeding system.
  • Bar changeover controls via a Human-Machine-Interface display.
  • An external LED display advantages to figure how bar material positions forward.
  • CE certificated.

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    Multi-function features with Human-machine-interface display.Friendly user.
    Electrical mode setting.
    Bar sizes setting conveniently.

    New design top-cut system, precision measuring with small diameter.

    The bar storage box is extremely stable,which can store 8 pieces of 80mm solid bar. Making it convenient for lathe spindle maintenance and replacement of spindle bushing

    Mitsubishi PLC fata bank. Feeding position, torque and speed are accurately and perfectly interfaced with lathes.

    Equipped with LED external display. During bar feeding, various messages such as "barlength","bar change",feeder error", and "CNC lathe error" are more easily shown,permitting remote momitoring.(Patented)

    Single pount diameter adjustment for bar loading.
    Quick-pusher changeover,free tools support.


    Model BK80
    Bar Diameter
    Ø5 ~ Ø80 mm
    Bar Capacity
    80mm / 8 pcs
    Machine Width
    Machine Weight
    1.2M : 400 KG / 1.5M : 450KG / 1.8M : 500KG
    Power Supply
    1 x 220V / 1 x 380V 50Hz
    Power Consumption